Gather on. Fish on. Hunt on.

The feature film GATHER tells the story about Indian resilience and the renaissance of Native food systems.

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First Nations shares the GATHER story

Indigenous people and their food systems are resilient. We have withstood historical and ongoing attempts to starve, change, and alter every facet of our food systems. But we hold strong to our knowledge that food is a connection to our past, to our people, and to our lands. As we continue our push for access and protection of our food systems, First Nations Development Institute is proud to introduce this feature-length documentary film on the growing Native American food sovereignty movement.

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Healing Through Harvesting

The mission of First Nations Development Institute is to strengthen American Indian economies to support healthy Native communities. We believe that when armed with appropriate resources, Native peoples hold the capacity and ingenuity to ensure the sustainable, economic, spiritual and cultural well-being of their communities.

In line with this commitment, First Nations supports Native communities in strengthening Native food systems,  bolstering Native food economies, and advancing Native food sovereignty. This work is increasingly important as Native communities continue to respond to the long-term effects of COVID-19.

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About Food Sovereignty

Throughout Indian Country, Native “food sovereignty” describes a myriad of local efforts to transform and reclaim local food systems, from combating hunger, increasing access to healthy and traditional foods, enhancing community health, and creating food policies, to targeting food as a mechanism for entrepreneurship and economic development. First Nations supports tribes and Native communities in promoting food sovereignty and building and maintaining sustainable food systems that improve health, strengthen food security, and increase control over Native food and agriculture systems.

Grants to Indian Country to regain control of Native foods
In funds to Native communities to invest in food systems
Publications highlighting Native sustainable approaches
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