In traditional times, food in Indigenous North American communities was only as far away as the forest, plains, desert, sea or garden in the village. Modern ways of life and challenges have taken us away or — in some cases — barred us from our food sources. But we, as Indigenous people, continue to return to our places of origin, including our food.

GATHER is that path, the story of the rebuilding of those food systems. GATHER is an intimate portrait tracing the intentional destruction of Native American foodways and our renaissance and resilience, our inherit right, to reclaim it.

Through GATHER, film partner and co-producer First Nations Development Institute aims to further build international awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the Native American food movement, which will ultimately bolster the support in improving policy and the regulatory environment for long-term sustainability.

Featuring the work of First Nation’s Nourishing Native Foods & Health program and First Nations’ grantees and partners, GATHER is a way of supporting tribes and Native communities as they build sustainable foodways that improve health, strengthen food security and increase control over Native agriculture and food systems.

GATHER follows

  • Chef Nephi Craig, a citizen of the White Mountain Apache and Navajo Nations who opens an Indigenous foods café on the White Mountain Reservation.
  • Sammy Gensaw, a Yurok youth leader of the Ancestral Guard nonprofit who grew up on the Klamath River as its salmon were fished to near extinction.
  • Twila Cassadore, a San Carlos Apache woman who helps those return to the diets of Apaches before people were moved onto reservations and became reliant on government rations, such as commodities.
  • Elsie DuBray, a young Lakota woman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe whose father Fred started the Intertribal Buffalo Coalition with the aim of revitalizing buffalo as a source of spiritual and physical nourishment.