First Nations Development Institute has developed a number of reports, books, webinars, videos, and recipes related to food sovereignty. Resources can be found at the First Nations’ Knowledge Center.

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Sources Guide

The following resource may be useful in the study of Indigenous Food Sovereignty.

Food Sovereignty Assessments: A Tool to Grow Healthy Native Communities

This report details some of the outcomes and lessons learned from a project that funded numerous Native American communities in conducting food sovereignty assessments, with the goal of collecting valuable localized data, creating action plans, and eventually moving toward more control over their local food systems for improved health and nutrition, and for the economic well-being of those communities.

Cooking Healthier with Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations Foods

A cookbook of recipes that use foods and ingredients included in the FDPIR (Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations) package. The recipes provide a healthier alternative for those who want and need to eat wholesome, nutritious and delectable meals. The cookbook was part of First Nations’ “Nutrition Education for Native American Communities” project that was generously underwritten by the Walmart Foundation. First Nations partnered with the National Association of Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservation in the project.

Conservation Planning Tools and Resources: A Reference for Agricultural Producers

This workbook was developed to provide agricultural producers and other land managers with information and online resources that may be useful for developing and implementing a conservation plan for USDA financial assistance programs.

More resources can be found at the First Nations’ Knowledge Center here.