Why a film?

The Native food sovereignty movement has revealed many incredible stories that need to be told from the community perspective. The GATHER film was an opportunity to hear those stories — those personal experiences about Native people from Native people.

Through the power of film, expertise in storytelling could be combined with a tribal producer’s vision and First Nation’s work, to bring these stories to the forefront and help Native communities raise awareness about Native food systems and the importance of Native food sovereignty.

Our team on the project includes:

Michael E. Roberts (Tlingit), First Nations President & CEO

A-dae Romero-Briones (Cochiti/Kiowa), Director of Programs – Native Agriculture and Food Systems

GATHER is directed and produced by:

Sanjay Rawal, Director

Sterlin Harjo, Producer

Tanya Meillier, Producer

Renan Ozturk, Director of Photography